The Arrow

Apache Pine Canada

With a dark wood band and matching wooden watch case, We designed the arrow to go with you to even the most important of occasions.
  • Swiss Parts, Quartz Movement: Ronda 762.
  • Splash Proof Case: All-natural high-strength Black Sandal Wood, reinforced with stainless steel inside. 
  • Band: Black Sandal Wood
  • Buckle: Gold stainless steel buckle that lays flat for strength and comfort. 
  • Strong Band Attachment: Over sized anchor system
Small-Medium: 40mm width case
Large: 45mm width case
We know you have a passion for the the outdoors and nature. We have built Apache Pine to go with you to the office or school, to remind you to get out more. Apache Pine. No Watch is exactly alike. Different shades and imperfections in the wood make each watch a special part of nature.

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