About us


Our products are made from renewable resources and resemble the beautiful places that we love. We are outdoor enthusiasts, striving to bring nature into our daily lives. It is our thought, in turn this might make us think about the way we live and grow. 

Apache Pine is quality, imaginative design, and value. We believe in what we are doing and create every watch from each experience we have with nature. Just like the wood of every watch is unique, every one of Apache Pine's designs grows from our personal roots. We strive to always innovate while never straying from what makes us who we are. Apache Pine is just like you; one of a kind, adventurous, and continually exploring the places we call home.

Apache Pine. Take nature with you.

We are passionate about our products and only offer products that we believe in. If you ever have a problem with an AP product email us promptly at support@apachepine.ca or reach out to us via our contact page.

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