Smart Band Attachment

All of our watches are designed so that the band will pop off if too much pressure is applied. We use spring pins as connection points for your band so that the wood case will not be destroyed and your watch can easily be reassembled. This is a safety mechanism to protect the watch from being damaged beyond repair.

If the watch pops off 3-4 times it can create a small groove in the case, which will lead to the band popping off more often. This can easily be fixed with just a dab of superglue to fill the groove.
If DIY isn't your style, simply send the watch back to us and we will repair it for free within 1 year of purchase, up to 3 times. Please reference our 1-Year Warranty for more information.

If you have lost one of the pieces of your watch or the wood
 is damaged beyond your repair please follow this link to the Returns and Exchanges Page.